3 Simple Ways to Enhance Website Security System

Data security is among the most discussed topics today. When it comes to websites, data security covers many aspects, such as collecting the information, secure data storage and transfers, a transparent policy of its usage, etc. While there are many tips on how to enhance the website security system, we’ve selected 3 essential steps each online business owner should think of today. 

1. Assess Your Hosting Service

Obviously, your website wouldn’t be operating without hosting services. Sometimes, actually, most of the time, projects outgrow the primary virtual space. And then, you need to look for an upgrade or even a different server type. If you’re looking for one now, check out the professional VPS hosts. Crucial aspects to consider:

  • Certified data centre (DC)
  • Full-root access
  • Individual resources on-demand
  • High uptime (over 99 percent)
  • 24/7 support team
  • Access to valuable tools and software

Windows or Linux OS VPS stored in a certified DC provides a highly customizable, secure, and efficient virtual environment. Regarding security, such certificates as TIER III issued by the Uptime Institute oblige DCs to guarantee maximum security.

2. Invest in Valuable Tools and Skilled Team Members

Regarding valuable tools and software, there are different products to ease the daily server management – set automated backups, analyse the website traffic and likely security gaps, etc. Here, it’s wise to buy a cPanel. It offers all the mentioned perks and many more.

One more thing – have a strong IT team working on the project, especially on specific security enhancements. Any chance that your current team lacks some skills? Hire someone to fill those gaps. Saving on data security sounds like refusing to see a new reality and adapt to it. Let alone it might cost you a good reputation and customers’ trust. Not to mention that data leakage brings financial losses too.

3. Move from the HTTP to HTTPS

If you still haven’t, move to HTTPS. Simply put, HTTPS is the same as HTTP with encryption. Meaning that the data journey from one device to another is additionally secured. The upgraded version uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect all requests and responses happening over a network. In case of a malicious attack, the offender would only see a bunch of random symbols instead of your data.

A highly skilled team, trustworthy hosts, and valuable tools – that’s what it takes to have a perfect combination to guarantee maximum website security. If any part is missing, so is a piece in your website security system. Remember, only by having a protected virtual environment can you create an efficient and converting platform.


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