Zilch Shows Consumers How to Buy Now, Pay Later

Who doesn’t want to buy now? Pay later? But then you realize the interest is a killer. Zilch empowers consumers to get what they want without waiting–and with no interest.

It’s no wonder it’s quickly becoming so many people’s preferred payment method. There has to be a catch, right? Below, we take a look at this increasingly popular way to pay.

How Does It Work?

Your new virtual Mastercard works with their app and Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. Use it just like you would any other method of payment.

Instead of having to pay it all now, pay later in 4 equal payments–totaling the full amount of the purchase and no more. Only the first payment is due when you buy. Make those payments over 6 weeks to spread the cost over several pay periods.

You’ll have no physical card to worry about losing or damaging. It’s all virtual. Only UK residents can currently qualify for Zilch, and, as with any business, terms and conditions apply.

How Can Zilch Afford No Interest?

You’re probably wondering how this company makes money if they don’t charge interest. They have to make money or why do they do it?

They partner with retailers, from groceries to clothes to electronics to cruises. Those retailers want you to buy their stuff.

Zilch eliminates the barrier and helps you buy now, so the retailer sells more and more often. That’s worth something to them. They pay a little, so you don’t have to.

Use the app to browse thousands of popular participating retailers online and physical stores in most areas. Amazon? Check. eBay. Check. And thousands of other retailers you love and trust.

If the retailer happens not to be a partner, you can still use the service for a small fee of up to £2.50. Then Buy Now Pay Later over 6 weeks just as you would with a Zilch Partner

It Gets Even Better

You guessed it. They also reward you when you buy. Earn 100 Zilch Rewards for every £1 you spend. Use it on your next purchase, and those savings keep adding up. Plus, if you use Zilch, then pay in one payment, get 2% cashback.

What About the Annual Fee?

There isn’t one. Unlike credit cards and memberships, where you have to do the maths to make sure the fee is worth it, this Buy Now Pay Later option costs you nothing.

Buy Now Pay Later

In conclusion, make this your preferred payment method to shop in stores and online. Search for the app for participating retailers. Make 4 equal payments over 6 weeks and pay no interest. If they’re not a partner, you can still use the service. Just pay a small fee. Earn rewards on every purchase and enjoy spending money. Pay Zilch.


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